Crafts for Cancer event, South Africa

Pink Lady® apples together with Rees Dynamic, hosted their ninth annual Pink Lady® Crafts for Cancer event on Saturday, 20 October 2018 at The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West, South Africa.  The event is held to raise funds for the Tygerberg Hospital Breast Clinic fund and this year raised R50,000 (almost $3,500 USD).

Being diagnosed with breast cancer and plucking up the courage to fight the disease is one thing in itself but imagine not being able to go for your treatment because you don’t have the funds to cover transportation to and from the clinic. This is the reality for many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer at the Tygerberg Hospital Breast Clinic. The fund assists these women with transport money so they can regularly receive their much needed treatment.

This year, 100 ladies came together for a day of cake decorating presented by the talented Beate Strydom from Birdcage in Stellenbosch.

The ninth annual Pink Lady® Crafts for Cancer event was held at the Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West, South Africa to raise funds for the Tygerberg Hospital Breast Clinic fund.

The Transport Fund for the Breast Clinic was started at Tygerberg Hospital in 2010 and what started as a small-scale initiative to assist one patient in need, has since grown to a fully-fledged fund that has helped countless women and continues to grow.

Approximately 70 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the Tygerberg Hospital are in the low-income bracket, and while the government covers the treatment costs, they need to pay for transport to and from the hospital for regular radiotherapy sessions which often becomes a barrier to attend. Radiotherapy sessions last for either 16 or 25 days and the transport costs for these patients are often expensive.

Liza Matthews, Pink Lady® Marketing Manager, TopFruit said there are approximately 550 new breast cancer patients at Tygerberg Hospital every year, and because of the money raised for the fund they can each travel to the hospital for their treatment. “This past year, the fund covered 2,332 trips in total,” Liza said.

“I am so proud of this event and of every woman that attends. There is a saying that goes, Each one of us can make a difference but together we make change! And that is exactly what we are doing. Thank you also to all our wonderful sponsors, we could not do this without you.“

This year the ladies in attendance enjoyed a morning learning how to master cake decorating followed by entertainment by singer Elandré and then lunch was served. Professor Apffelstaedt, who started the fund, gave a speech and Dr Jenny Edge, Head of the Tygerberg Hospital Mamma Clinic, thanked all the ladies that donated to the fund making a tangible difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

From lt: Mike Burton (Rees Dynamic), Liza Matthews (Liza Matthews, Pink Lady® Marketing Manager, TopFruit) and Dr Jenny Edge (Head, Mamma Clinic, Tygerberg Hospital).

For more information or to donate, contact Liza Matthews at or +27 21 874 1033 or visit:

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