Domex Superfresh Growers join Pink Lady®

APAL is finalising arrangements to bring Domex Superfresh Growers into our licensed exporter to importer system.

The family-owned company is a leading grower and shipper of apples, pears and cherries from the Pacific Northwest region in the U.S.

Domex became the third US Exporter to join Pink Lady® as an official licensed exporter. APAL and Pink Lady Development (PLD) look forward to assisting Domex to grow their shipments of quality Pink Lady apples into PLD territories and other licensed territories.

APAL and PLD will continue to invest heavily in promotional activity and advertising within those new markets, to build on the great progress made over the past two seasons. Increasing northern hemisphere supply, especially from the US, remains a key part of achieving 52 weeks supply and eventually replicating the success enjoyed in Europe and the UK.

You can contact Domex via their Director of International Business Development, Jeff Webb on +1 509.966.1814.

Contact details for Domex, and all of our US Exporters can be found on the Pink Lady exporters and importers database on the website.

Any access issues, please contact Craig Chester at APAL.

Craig Chester

About the Author:

Head of Commercial & Brand Development, Apple and Pear Australia Limited