EOI confirms new and emerging markets as hot property

Identifying and driving the next horizon of growth for Pink Lady® is at the core of the Selective Market Supply Program (SMSP), a strategic initiative developed by Pink Lady® Development Limited (PLD).

The Project took a major step forward this week, receiving a number of extremely strong Expressions of Interest (EOI) proposals for the program, validating the global vision of Pink Lady® licensees.

The SMSP EOI (Issued in December 2018 and previously reported here), incentivises exporters to commit supply to less-developed emerging and new markets by 1. Diverting resources from established markets in Europe and the UK, 2. Significantly increasing promotion funding into those regions, and 3 increased support and resources to deliver more direct and intense market management.

High quality responses were received from all southern hemisphere exporting countries with individual organisation and consortiums models both represented among the proposals.

Consistent interest was received for nine markets, and while PLD is currently working through the evaluation process, early indications are that four priority 1 markets will be confirmed through the process, receiving particularly strong support and interest from prospective exporters.

Many emerging high-potential markets (termed Tier 2) were also validated through the EOI process. PLD intends to direct increased spend into Tier 2 markets during 2019 with the aim of moving these along the pipeline towards Priority 1 in the next two to three years.

The minimum or entry level volume cited at 100mt was not a barrier for prospective exporters and in the vast majority of cases, responders forecast significantly higher volumes.

Over the next two weeks, PLD will seek clarifications or adjustments from contending exporters with a final contract awards to be made post- Berlin Fruit Logistica.

Keep an eye out for updates in the next Pink Lady® global news.



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