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Pink Lady® Taste & Quality Standards

Where did Pink Lady® come from?

The original Cripps Pink variety is a natural cross which came out of a breeding program in Western Australia. Over time, two additional derived varieties, Rosy Glow and Lady in Red, have been approved by the Pink Lady® trademark owner, APAL, for inclusion in the Pink Lady® program. However, to be branded Pink Lady® and wear the ‘flowing heart’ logo, the apple also needs to meet specific brand and quality benchmarks enforced and protected by licences.

Put simply, Pink Lady® apples come from:

  1. Cripps Pink, Rosy Glow or Lady in Red (the only three varieties currently approved for sale under the Pink Lady® trademark)
  2. A licensed Pink Lady® supplier/exporter/importer
  3. Apples which meet or exceed the Pink Lady® international quality specification
  4. Apples labelled and branded according to Pink Lady® brand guidelines.


The Pink Lady® International Quality Specification

An international quality specification has been developed to ensure consistency of taste, texture and appearance of Pink Lady® apples throughout the world. This single quality specification applies in all territories.

The international Pink Lady® quality specification is focused on eating quality (brix and firmness) and colour – attributes which, along with its unique flavour, define the characteristic of the Pink Lady® brand apple. The quality specification is purposely attainable and inflexible. Suppliers/exporters/importers are compelled at all times to ship and sell only fruit which meets the specification:

  • Firmness – average of 6.5kg/cm2
  • Brix – average of 13%
  • Colour – >40% (>60% for Asia)
  • Major defects <3%
  • Internal defects <1%.

The Pink Lady® Quality Manual

The Pink Lady® Quality Manual has been developed to assist suppliers/exporters/importers to meet the Pink Lady® International Quality Specification by providing direction and instruction on how to assess and select fruit to be branded Pink Lady®.

Specifically, the Pink Lady® Quality Manual combines the Pink Lady® International Quality Specification with:

  • A photo guide (QAS)
  • Inspection methodology
  • Food safety requirements.

The Pink Lady® Quality Manual is provided to all licensed Pink Lady® exporters, importers and retailers.