Importers & Retailers

Importing Pink Lady® apples

Your business must be licensed to import Pink Lady® apples

Importers can purchase only through licensed Pink Lady® exporters

Licensed importers are expected to invest in growing the brand, supported by Master Licensees and Territory Managers

A key strength of the Pink Lady® brand is its co-operative international network and the combined international program of licensees and distributors.

Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) owns the Pink Lady® trademark in multiple jurisdictions worldwide and has a network of Master Licensees and Territory Managers responsible for licensing and building the trade in Pink Lady® apples and promoting the Pink Lady® brand.

A cornerstone of the global Pink Lady® business is that licensed exporters can supply Pink Lady® apples only to licensed importers.

If you are interested in importing Pink Lady® apples you can apply for a license by contacting an approved Master Licensee or Territory Manager via this link: Find An Exporter

The continued success of the Pink Lady® brand requires total commitment to and passion for being the world’s best apple.