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One of the most recognisable brands in the world

Pink Lady Apple


#1 apple brand in the world

Owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL)

An open variety managed for consistency by a strong licensed supply chain

Pink Lady® is a brand, not a variety

In Australia in 1973, the inspired researcher John Cripps had the inspired idea of naturally crossing Golden Delicious with Lady Williams. This alliance led to the creation of a new variety, Cripps Pink. Pink Lady® apples are the selection of the best apples of that variety.

The Pink Lady formula:

  • A unique apple
  • The heart-shaped sticker
  • Guaranteeing quality and authenticity
  • An incomparable colour
  • The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness
  • Crunchy, juicy flesh
  • Exceptional aromatic richness offering a great diversity of flavours such as honey, vanilla, rose and spice.

The development of the Pink Lady® brand as a premium-quality apple began in the mid-1990s. Today Pink Lady® is one of the best-known brands of fruit in the world and brand owner Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) has the trademark protected in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.


Pink Lady Apples On Tree In Sunlight

Over time a number of naturally occurring sports from the Cripps Pink variety have been discovered which have gone on to be protected as new varieties. Several of these newer varieties, all related to the original Cripps Pink, are also licensed by APAL to come under the Pink Lady®®brand in countries where it owns that brand. This has been done because each of these newer varieties has improved characteristics (such as better colour) and higher disease resistance (therefore requiring lower inputs).

Pink Lady® apples are always an exciting eating experience. The inherent qualities of the Cripps Pink variety (and, now, also the naturally occurring sports from Cripps Pink that have become licensed varieties, or LVs) are enhanced by selected apple producers who, for every apple, agree to meet the strict quality guidelines for Pink Lady® apples.

The Pink Lady® brand is continually reinforced in existing and developing markets through extensive promotional and advertising campaigns, particularly in the United Kingdom, Europe and Southeast Asia. Today, Pink Lady® apples are the choice of people who like to enjoy the finest apples money can buy.

Pink Lady Orchard


Pink Lady® apples represent good health and well-being with a touch of romance and style. Overall, Pink Lady® is about a wonderful eating experience which has grown into a prominent brand that truly is a part of today’s modern world.

Underpinned by a passionate global team that is networked, aligned and working together to maintain a strong premium quality brand.