Importers & Retailers

Selling Pink Lady® apples

For an apple to be sold under the Pink Lady® brand it must come from the right tree and from the right conditions in an orchard and be subject too good handling, packing and storage all the way through to when it’s offered for sale.

Pink Lady® apples are unique for their beautiful appearance, delicious flavour and crisp texture that set them apart from every other apple in the marketplace.

As the Pink Lady® brand continues to expand around the globe it is important that all people involved in the brand – particularly packhouses, distributors, wholesalers and retailers – are aware of the need to manage all aspects of the distribution process.

The impact of the distribution chain on the quality of the product should not be underestimated. It is essential that your buying team adheres to the Pink Lady® brand guidelines and, in particular, quality standards.

If you are interested in selling Pink Lady® apples you can find out more by contacting an approved Master Licensee or Territory Manager by following this link: Find an Exporter.

The continued success of the Pink Lady® brand requires total commitment to, and passion for, being the world’s best apple.



Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) protects the Pink Lady® brand for the benefit of its licensed partners by taking action for misuse of the brand by a third party or non-compliance to obligations of trade under the Pink Lady® licence.


Licensed exporters must ensure all their apples comply with the Pink Lady® quality standards. Only fruit which meets or exceeds these standards AND is sold under licence can wear the Pink Lady® brand.


Only licensed businesses have the support of APAL and the Pink Lady® brand and benefit from investment in the trusted international system and expansion into new markets.


Pink Lady® branded apples must be sourced only from licensed exporters. For a list of licensed exporters, please visit If your current exporter is unlicensed you risk being penalised or losing your licence. APAL recommends you change your sourcing strategy and contact one of the licensed exporters on the list. If it’s not from a licensed exporter, it’s not a real Pink Lady® apple.


Once a market for Pink Lady® is established, APAL works to appoint local importers who are committed to upholding the quality requirements of the Pink Lady® licence agreement and supporting the development of the brand. This closes the loop and creates a strong system for the benefit of all.


Licence managers appointed by APAL put systems in place to inspect fruit at both point of export and point of import to ensure that Pink Lady® branded fruit meets the minimum quality requirements for taste, texture and appearance.


APAL own the Pink Lady® brand in more than 90 countries worldwide. Fruit is sourced from orchards scattered across the finest growing regions in the world. APAL’s trusted licence system delivers quality fruit and brand support through all levels of the supply chain.