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The Pink Lady® Trademark

Pink Lady® is a trademark of Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) and is reserved for exclusive use by licensees.

APAL’s Role

APAL’s role in ownership and management of the Pink Lady® trademark (brand) is to do three things exceptionally well:

  1. Increase the value of the brand for the benefit of all users, with specific focus on consumers – consistency, quality, strategy
  2. Create new Pink Lady® apple market opportunities for the benefit of all licensees
  3. Protect the brand by supporting a strong peer-to-peer licensed network and trademark registrations.

Pink Lady® is a brand

Pink Lady® is a brand. It is not a description or name of a tree or apple variety.

Only three approved varieties of apples can wear the Pink Lady® brand: the original Cripps Pink and the more recently developed Rosy Glow and Lady in Red.

APAL, as the trademark owner, has approved these three varieties to be sold as Pink Lady® apples under licence. Building on these varieties’ natural similarities, the Pink Lady® licence includes standards for quality (colour, brix, pressure and defects) which control the consistent taste and appearance of Pink Lady® fruit.