New packaging for Pink Lady® apples

Pink Lady® Europe launched its new packaging range at Fruit Logistica in Berlin earlier this year.

Thierry Mellenotte, Managing Director of  Pink Lady® Europe, said retailers will now be able to choose from three environmentally friendly, compostable packaging options. “We hope [these features] will further strengthen our customers’ loyalty to the brand and impress apple buyers who are not yet familiar with the  Pink Lady® taste experience,” Thierry said.

The three new packages are produced without single-use plastics in order to lower their environmental impact. The new design conveys Pink Lady® brand values: naturalness, enjoyment, sustainability, quality and community. Intense colours make the apples more noticeable on the shelf and communicate their premium positioning.

Consumers determine the design

Consumers from seven European countries voted in a major survey for the new packaging design of Pink Lady® apples. They chose from five versions developed by European designers. The colourful spirals created by Spanish designer Martin Satí came out on top in all the countries surveyed.

The consumer survey confirmed the designs positive associations with the apple’s taste and responsible production. The new design will now be applied to the current forms of consumer packaging. The new Martin Sati design packaging will be launched, starting in Europe and the UK, before rolling out to all Pink Lady global territories in 2020/ 2021.

New plastic-free packaging range

Pink LadyÒ is presenting three new compostable packaging options for four, six and eight apples to its European dealers: a 100 per cent PEFC-certified cardboard tray, a foil-sealed tray made of fully compostable materials and a compostable flow pack bag. As part of the change in packaging, the blister packing trays used for the sale of single apples have been made of cellulose since last season. All dyes used in the packaging are of plant origin, food-safe and compostable. Pink Lady® Europe anticipates that the conversion of its packaging will save a total of over 660 tonnes of plastic in the coming apple season.

The plastic-free packaging range was made available to consumers in European retail stores from February 2020. Retailers can now choose from the three packaging options.

One of the designs of the new environmentally friendly, compostable Pink Lady® Europe packaging.