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Pink Lady’s quality agenda took another step forward this month with delivery of the enormously successful Chilean Quality Roadshow.

Covering over 1500km of territory, and now in its third year, the Quality Roadshow is jointly hosted by Star Fruits, Viveros Requinoa (VR) and APAL.  With representatives also on hand from Deco Fruit, Pink Lady’s Chilean Quality Inspection Service, Roadshow attendees work through live examples of the assessment methodology and see examples of the rarer defects first hand.

“The pack house is the first step for addressing quality control,” says Andrew Mandemaker, Head of Group Quality and Innovation.

“It’s where we have the greatest opportunity to implement disciplined quality controls and ensure pack house systems are optimised to pack to the Pink Lady® specification.”

The Roadshow comes as APAL and the Pink Lady Technical Steerco Team review quality control processes, with a view to having greater consistency across growing regions. An increased focus on the corrective actions taken to improve pack house processes.

“Ensuring consumers have a consistent and delightful eating experience, irrespective of where that fruit is grown, is paramount for protecting Pink Lady’s premium value and growing new markets,” says Maria Jesus Lira, VR’s Chief Development Manager and a driving force behind the Quality Roadshow.

“We’ve noticed a big improvement over the past two years,” confirms Andrew, noting the greater consistency in colour and maturity coming out of Chile.

andrew mandemaker roadshow
Andrew Mandemaker and Jean-Pierre Schoeman on route to Pink Lady apple packing houses in Ceres, Western Cape. Put towards the bottom of article as it’s the SA leg of the trip, rather than the Chilean.


Attended by over 200 quality managers and jointly hosted by Star Fruits, APAL and VR, the Roadshow covers a range of themes from updates to the Pink Lady® specification, Quality and Defects Manuals, packaging guide and brand standards.

Updated annually, the Pink Lady specification was recently amended to bring it in line with European fresh produce regulations and to meet the ‘no wax’ and higher blush colouration that is preferred in the Gulf States.

More than 200 quality managers attended the six educational Roadshow sessions held in Rancagua, San Fernando and Angol.

Andrew also visited South Africa during May with a view to establishing a Quality Roadshow for exporters there in 2020.

Read more about Pink Lady’s Specification update here:




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