Packaging tailored to seasonal events

To build and strengthen awareness of Pink Lady® in Europe, and more specifically in emerging markets, the brand is making a splash by developing a range of new customised packaging. These limited editions are a great opportunity to drive attachment to the brand and encourage consumers to choose Pink Lady® apples.

To develop its new packaging, Pink Lady® is banking on two complementary strategies:

The creation of seasonal highlights throughout the year:

As with Valentine’s Day, the brand will be at the forefront during three new periods every year, with punch, elegance, and natural flair: Back-to-School with PinKids®, the Christmas and New Year season and the beginning of spring.

A focus on local events:

With packs decorated for national holidays and festivities, Pink Lady® is adding new appeal for consumers throughout Europe during major celebrations.

This means punnets will be decked out in the colours of Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland, vibrant, festive packs to celebrate Carnival in Germany, elegant designs for Christmas, flowery patterns for the springtime and a host of other unique creations illustrating the brand’s values that you will be able to discover in the coming season.

Finally, the Pink Lady® brand plans to co-design exclusive packaging along with retailers, enabling them to stand out from the competition and boost shopper loyalty — a win-win strategy and a great way to drive sales for Pink Lady®.

This new packaging will be available in four, six and eight-fruit packs as well as 2kg bulk trays and, as required, may include exclusive new goodies.

For more information contact Julia Savin, Communication and PR Manager, Pink Lady Europe at

Pink Lady® apples

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Pink Lady® is recognised as #1 apple brand in the world and is owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL).