Pink Lady® Design Contest Returns!

Three renowned designers have been chosen as winners of the fifth edition of the Pink Lady® design contest:

pink lady design contest bags

  • Audrey Leroy, an illustrator from south-western France known for her lifestyle collaborations and her elegant black & white creations.
  • Andrea Mongia, a young Italian illustrator who has received numerous prizes for his ‘neo-flat’ style designs, very much in tune with the times.
  • Martín Satí, a Spanish craftsman of modern graphics with zingy colours and captivating shapes.

Inspired by life in the orchard, the three winning designs were selected by members of the Pink Lady® community via our social networks (Facebook and Instagram), as well as the members of the Pink My Life Club.

The three creations will be printed onto the two million shopping bags distributed throughout Europe in the coming season.


For more information, contact Emilie Sauzon via


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