Pink Lady® Europe Marketing Shifts Up a Gear!

With the 2019 – 20 northern hemisphere season fast approaching, Pink Lady® Europe have embarked on several new initiatives to put the Pink Lady® lifestyle front and centre with consumers.

The Pink Lady® loyalty programme becomes Pink My Life

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The new Pink My Life loyalty programme was launched on February 14th this year.

Its objective is to increase consumer loyalty by offering a new look and essentially dematerialised gift shop to delight loyal customers while offering lifestyle tips and tricks that will help reduce environmental impact.

The new programme also contains special offers, health and wellness articles, sustainability tips, recipes and special bonus-offers to introduce our members to the Pink Lady® lifestyle.

Find out more in pictures : Pink My Life !

Adopt a tree

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A new operating mechanism which creates connections between growers, the brand and consumers based on Pink Lady® values was set up early this March in France and Germany. It encourages the sponsorship of around 1300 Pink Lady® apple trees.

Five growers are involved in this process and have each dedicated one Pink Lady® plot to the operation so that each fan may hang their name at the foot of the tree.

In total, over 1000 sponsors (249 in Germany and 783 in France) will be receiving information straight from the grower, as well as gifts, and even the opportunity to come and pick their own apples next autumn!

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Pink Lady® at Macfrut

Pink Lady® has participated in the Macfrut fair in Rimini, Italy, for the first time from May the 8th to the 10th. The 36th edition of this fruit and vegetable sector BtoB fair in Italy hosted over 1100 exhibitors and 43 000 visitors.

This was an opportunity for Pink Lady® to highlight its strong presence in Italy by being as close to our Italian growers and packing stations as possible, to share our commitments as well as reveal our partnerships with Mila (yoghurts), Ortoromi (juice) and Bog Products (slices).

And coming soon……Pink Lady® Extranet!

Next season, a brand new digital platform will go-live, connecting all members of the Association Pink Lady® Europe. This platform will make it possible to :
– Digitise the information exchanges between yourself, APLE and Star Fruits
– Summarise all your Pink Lady® data and make it accessible across the network

– Make all news of APLE and other services available to you
A simple, modern and evolutive tool for the 2019-2020 season.


Pink Lady® Europe will be in touch soon!

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Pink Lady® apples

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