Pink Lady® Global Snapshot 



Current estimates indicate global demand of 155,000 tonnes and supply of 158,000 tonnes.  

  • Mostly favourable conditions in the Southern Hemisphere have delivered a good supply of Pink Lady® apples with good colouring, and strong demand to match.  
  • Supply is expected to be sufficient but will include a larger proportion of smaller size fruit. 

COVID-19’s impact on picking, packing and logistics is the immediate key concern.   

  • Growers in all supply countries have largely managed to adapt their picking and packing to meet the social distancing measures  
  • International movement of product remains challenging. 
SupplyVolume (compared with 2019)Fruit Size
 Chile  Stable  Below average – similar to last year 
 South Africa  Increase  Increase in larger size 
 New Zealand  Increase in market earlier  Increase in smaller size  



Importers are advised to move fruit in the market as fast as possible until the end of August, with only fruits dedicated to programs and correctly stored at source to be allocated for September/ October sales.  


  • Overall demand is high after an early finish to the northern hemisphere season. The Pink Lady® supply from Europe will finish two weeks earlier than usual due to the catastrophic crop in October/November 2019, and solid market demand during the season 
  • Current retail demand is very high however street markets remain closed in most countries and instore promotional activities are not possible due to social distancing measures. 
  • A big unknown is how the market will react in September / October when European apples come back into the market. Current indications suggest retailers will favour local suppliers 


  • Chinaunsurprisingly, locked down all imports. Prices are currently flat with no pull for exports at the moment 
  • There are indications this may change soon with imported goods preferred to local products 
  • Slow start to season in South-East Asia as a result of shipping constraints but this is improving.  

North America 

  • Do not expect significant lift in North American imports despite recent agreements between APAL and Pink Lady America to promote Southern Hemisphere Pink Lady® during the US off season 
  • Apple stocks in USA, including Pink Lady®remain high, which will limit demand for Southern Hemisphere Pink Lady® and Cripps Pink.  

Middle East 

  • Makes up 5% of total global demand 
  • Potentially a slow start to the season due to shipping constraintssimilar to Asia 


  • African demand, which represents a large portion of South Africa’s Pink Lady®market, is largely unknown given the current circumstances. Much of this concern is offset by the long supply seasons. 
Pink Lady® apples

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Pink Lady® is recognised as #1 apple brand in the world and is owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL).