Pink Lady® in focus on South African TV

Pink Lady® was the focus on South African Television in July, with a feature on talk show ‘Minki’, on the nationally broadcast VIA TV channel.

Top Fruit’s Liza Matthews spoke to host, Minki van der Westhuizen about Pink Lady® apples and the  annual Pink Lady® Crafts for Cancer event, a yearly social responsibility event that raises funds for breast cancer patients through a local hospital.

Although ladies can receive free chemotherapy treatment at the hospital, 70% are from very poor communities and cannot afford the transport money to and from the hospital.

It isn’t the only feature on South African TV for Pink Lady®, with five new TV adverts featured on VIA during the month of July up to middle of August. The adverts consist of short gourmet snack recipes with Pink Lady® apples and tips on what foods pairs well with Pink Lady® apples – check it out below:

Pink Lady® apples

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Pink Lady® is recognised as #1 apple brand in the world and is owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL).