Pink Lady® marketing activity

PinKids® and the friendly monsters

Following the success of partnering with blockbuster movies, PinKids® has now extended this partnership to Hotel Transylvania 3. The past two seasons have seen a powerful upswing in PinKids® consumption which exceeded 3,000 tons for 2017/18.

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New designs for Pink Lady® shopping bags

The Pink Lady® Design Contest has been renewed and is aimed at encouraging young talents but also at sharing a unique experience with consumers, in line with its collaborative and innovative model.

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Packaging tailored to seasonal events

To strengthen awareness of Pink Lady® in Europe, and more specifically emerging markets, the brand is making a splash by developing a range of new customised packaging. These limited editions are a great way to drive interest in the brand and encourage Pink Lady® apple purchases.

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Pink Lady® clicks 

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year team have partnered with Thailand’s largest retailer Tesco Lotus, to develop the clicks competition as food, photography and social media are all part of a new Thai culture.

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Say Cheese, it’s Alex James!

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year has announced that the Master of Ceremonies for the Champagne Taittinger Awards Evening in April 2019 at the Mall Galleries, London will be the legendary musician and cheesemaker Alex James.

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Pink Lady® apples

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Pink Lady® is recognised as #1 apple brand in the world and is owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL).