Pink Lady® on a High – New Zealand Marketing Activation

Pink Lady New Zealand (NZ) held their first Food & Wine Classic (F.A.W.C!) event in June, treating guests to a Pink Lady® apple centred gourmet high-tea at the beautiful Duart House in Hawke’s Bay.

A major event on New Zealand foodie-calendar, the F.A.W.C! showcases eateries, wineries and produce from the local area, which also happens to be New Zealand’s largest apple growing region. In a F.A.W.C! first, the entire high-tea event: decor, food, and drinks, were centred around locally grown Pink Lady® brand apples, showcasing their quality and cooking versatility.


















Each of the dishes was specially created by the talented chef Fabien LeGall, and accompanied by custom cocktails courtesy of The Apple Press using their cold pressed Pink Lady® apple juice.  Trained in Paris, Fabien worked as head chef at the French Embassy in Wellington where he met and fell for a Hawke’s Bay girl and is now proud to call NZ home.

“I remember Pink Lady® apples fondly from my days in Europe,” said Fabien, “It was great fun to put together this all-apple menu right in the heart of where the fruit has grown. A truly local tree to table experience!”

Rarely open to the public, the Duart House location proved a unique incentive for guests, with all 120 event tickets selling out within 10 days!

The high-tea was one of the first large-scale Pink Lady® activations in New Zealand where the brand is still in the early days of establishing strong brand awareness in the domestic market.

“We initially sponsored the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) to help us reach a wider audience through their nationwide events and to align ourselves with their well-established and respected (also Pink) brand,” said Sophie Griffith, Executive Officer, Pink Lady New Zealand.

“Our sponsorship with them has been well received but over the last couple of years we noticed people referring to us as the ‘NZBCF apple’, and not the Pink Lady® brand in our own right.”

To address this, Pink Lady New Zealand planned several activities for the 2019 season independent of the NZBCF to establish brand independence and position Pink Lady® branded apples as a premium that warrants a higher price.

“Anchoring the brand to this high profile local gourmet festival gave us a lot of PR opportunities and many beautiful content creation opportunities that we can now leverage across our social media channels.”

The stunning event imagery speaks for itself and a request from Hawke’s Bay Tourism to be involved in the summer festival indicates what a standout event this was for Pink Lady New Zealand.


















Be inspired to try some of Fabien’s creations at home:


  • Marinated salmon tartar with crunchy Pink Lady® apple “brunoise”
  • Gorgonzola mousse with miniPink Lady® apple balls
  • Stuffed French brie with cookedPink Lady® apple marinated in Calvados.
  • Confit pork belly with saffron poachedPink Lady® apple.
  • Brioche “pain perdu” with apple cider jelly and oven bakedPink Lady® apple.
  • Mille-feuille with caramelizedPink Lady® apple and caramel mousse.
  • PinkLady® cinnamon apple roses in puff pastry
  • PinkLady® apple Macarons with chocolate ganache

To Drink:

  • Big Appleberry cocktail – withPink Lady® apple juice, brandy, green ginger wine, frozen boysenberries, fresh ginger & lime juice, garnished with Pink Lady® apple crisps
  • PinkLady® Apple Juice Mimosas with Pink Lady® apple dust
  • MulledPink Lady® Apple Juice cider
Pink Lady® apples

About the Author:

Pink Lady® is recognised as #1 apple brand in the world and is owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL).