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Chile’s Pink Lady® quality agenda took another step forward last month with focus shifting from pack house processes, to growing practices at the new Technical Roadshows, hosted by Viveros Requinoa and APAL.

Building the year’s earlier Quality Roadshow, the new grower-focused program saw 150 orchard administrators, orchard manager, supervisors, and export technical advisors attend orchard walks in the principle Chilean apple growing regions of Rancagua, Molina and Linares

Funded by Pink Lady® brand royalties, the aim is to steadly lift the quality and consistency of Chilean-grown Pink Lady® apples by investing and educating at a grass roots level – on orchard with the growers.

The first stage of the Technical Roadshow comprised:

  • An introduction to Pink Lady® as a premium product and the importance of producing consistently high-quality fruit for reputation and value;
  • Pink Lady® growing fundamentals – vigor management, thinning, harvest management, etc.
  • A practical orchard walk discussing and comparing various orchard management techniques, including vigor and crop load management, tree swinging, and winter pruning.

Orchards selected for the practical sessions were chosen on the basis of having more than one Pink Lady® orchard on site (Cripps Pink and/or Rosy Glow)

The remaining sessions will be held over the coming six months and will cover:

  • Early load adjustment, chemical thinning, fumigation machinery regulation
  • Final load adjustments
  • Improving fruit color (green pruning, use of reflective techniques, and defoliation)

A work plan indicating optimal timing for key orchard management tasks was shared with all attendees as a reference guide.

To attend the next round, please contact Maria Jesus Lira, Viveros Requinoa via

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