Pink Lady® Profile — Marion Tschantre

Position at Star Fruits: Pink Lady® Import Manager.

What you do: I am in charge of the Pink Lady® import department in which we manage around 45 importers located in different countries in Continental Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal) and Ireland.

This means to coordinate importation and sales programs between May and October from a network management, quality, statistics, contractual and finance point of view.

This involves assisting importers assess licensee performance, evaluate and test any improvements and ideas to be introduced in licenses. The latter is always done in the perspective to support the best way the management of the global Pink Lady® brand and its success in Europe.

We develop assistance to licensed exporters in the different countries of origin in connection with APAL and the local Master Licensees.

With the huge development of the overseas programs to Europe and challenges raising (from in 57,300 tonnes in 2013 to an estimated +/- 90,000 tonnes in 2018) the department has been strengthened the last few years.

Since mid-May, our team comprised of three area managers (Laura Franoux, Marion Gonny and I) and two specialised assistants (Marie José Georges and Alessandra Guyard who has recently left the company).

We also have the permanent support of the internal Legal Department of Star Fruits, and the marketing activities are run by Pink Lady® Europe Association.

I’m also involved in the management of intellectual property (IP) matters, ensuring the Pink Lady® trademark, Cripps Pink and Cripps Pink mutations (CPMs) variety rights are respected.

Who you report to: Renaud Pierson, CEO, Star Fruits.

Other things you have done: With a food processing and marketing background, I have worked in the fruit and vegetable industry in different companies and positions including quality, local network management and sales. These experiences gave me a good understanding of the industry and its permanent challenges.

Within Star Fruits, I have also participated in the development of the Metis® branded plum program (Bradford breeding program), and I’m also closely involved in some of the European activities of the Pink Lady® program.

How did you get involved in Star Fruits: I joined Star Fruits seven years ago to be involved in the import development of Pink Lady®.

One interesting thing about your role: There’s wide variety of tasks, issues and relationships to manage. This also involves to be context-specific in the interest of the Pink Lady® brand and Star Fruits group. According to the subject and matter, strict approach or more flexible behaviour is necessary.

Where do you live: I live in a nice, small village in Provence close to the Rhône river. We are located en route towards Southern France, a great holiday destination where we can welcome friends and family.

What do you do when you are not at Star Fruits? On the weekend I go hiking or visit family and friends. I also like reading books, listening to the radio or simply watching a TV series.

Favourite music: French songs in general and I sometimes go to the opera.

Marion Tschantre

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Pink Lady® Import Manager, Star Fruits