Pink Lady® Specification changed

The international Pink Lady® Quality Specification has been updated for 2019. Major defect tolerances, post-harvest wax, and colour requirements have changed in order to meet European regulations and customer expectations.

Firstly, all major defects have been simplified with a one per cent (1%) tolerance. This is to bring it in line with European regulations for fresh produce quality and will take effect immediately for all markets.

Secondly, the requirement for no added wax has been extended to include the Gulf State markets. This is in direct response to market feedback confirming that premium apples are supplied into these markets without wax and waxed fruit is perceived as a poorer quality product.

Thirdly, the blush colour requirement has increased to sixty per cent (60%) for the Gulf States, again to meet market expectation. Given this a significant change the colour parameter will be set at fifty percent (50%) until the commencement of the 2020 in the southern hemisphere. At that time the 60% colour requirement will come into effect.

To download the full specification checklist, click here.

Pink Lady® apples

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