Pink Lady® team makes showing at Tour Voile 2019

For the third time, Pink Lady® Europe took part in the annual Tour de France à la Voile yachting race, an initiative that is in keeping with the company’s values and increasingly appeals to our stakeholders: consumers, brands, and influencers.

From 5 to 21 July, our crew of five young European sailors enjoyed 17 days of unrelenting adrenaline and competition, supported by a land-based team at each stage of the race as well as an exclusive partnership with Groupe Auchan.

Hostesses were placed in seven Auchan stores near the various stages with a game that guarantees a prize and is based on cards that are only legible when submerged in water.

A national operation was also run in the Group’s 137 stores across France throughout July, with 80,000 leaflets distributed in 6-pack Pink Lady® trays.

The event was advertised on digital media with a large national Facebook game offering the chance to win a weekend for four on the Mediterranean, inflatable paddle boards, and Pink Lady® bags made from recycled boat covers.

At each stage of Tour Voile 2019, a light-hearted and entertaining initiative enabled Pink Lady® to meet more than 160,000 adult and child consumers who were in the Village this summer.

Congratulations to our five sailors, who performed brilliantly and finished seventh in the overall ranking!

Tour Voile 2019,Acte de Dunkerque le 04 juillet 2019
Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT / ASO
Tour Voile 2019, acte de Jullouville, le 11 juillet 2019.
Photo : Jean-Marie LIOT / ASO
Tour Voile 2019, acte de Nice, le 20 juillet 2019.
Photo : Jean-Marie LIOT / ASO


Summer advertisements

To punctuate the summer season while awaiting the start of the new academic year, Pink Lady® sent a wave of communications over the last two weeks of June through digital platforms and the national channels of seven countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden (digital only) and Germany (TV only).

This new advert, aimed at all true gourmands, reached 96 million people, with an average coverage of 56% of our target audience.

Pink Lady® apples

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