Pink Lady UK Launches Playful New Website

Pink Lady UK’s new website is now live. Visit it here.

The new site, or ‘online branch’, is mobile responsive and uses animation and parallax imagery to create gentle movement of leaves, a buzzing bee and a Pink Lady® branded apple that drops from the tree, straight into the customer’s waiting hand as you scroll.

“This fully mobile responsive site is adapted to the needs of the modern customer and allows us to refresh content more easily. Initial results are excellent and I’m excited to launch this new look site in all our key Selective Market Supply Program markets,” said Michelle Evans, Group Head of Marketing.

The Pink Lady® story, health and wellbeing tips, recipes and frequently asked consumer questions are all featured on the new site which was created under the direction of long standing marketing partner, McCann Bristol.  The lively creative reinforces the Pink Lady® brand promise of a unique taste experience, busting with balanced sweet, tangy flavours and fizz.

The template for the Pink Lady UK site will be used to create new sites for the Tier One SMSP markets, expected to launch later this year.

Pink Lady® apples

About the Author:

Pink Lady® is recognised as #1 apple brand in the world and is owned by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL).