Russian Strategy Relaunched

Since Russia’s ban against all agricultural products from the EU in 2014, Star Fruits and Pink Lady® Europe have been committed to devising an alternative ‘Russia Strategy’ to reignite and protect brand investments previously made in the territory.

Star Fruits are pleased to confirm that a number of import licenses will be established in Russia, commencing during this Southern Hemisphere season.  All Pink Lady® imports into Russia will have to be conducted through approved importers only and the royalties’ system will be re-established.

First banned in August 2014 and set to expire at the end of this year, the Russian agri-business ban has already been extended once before, highlighting the need for action. The new ‘Russia Strategy’ will aim to:

  • Develop an importation and distribution network to create opportunities for Southern Hemisphere growers
  • Establish year long production in Russia and surrounding countries (Serbia and Azerbaijan)

With nearly 10,000 T of Cripps Pink/Rosy Glow imported from the Southern Hemisphere over the past year, this new strategy offers direct opportunities for southern exporters. Star Fruits are currently working with a legal advisor in Russia to re-build our brand defence.

Under the new strategy, we have also agreed to planting programs with Delta Agrar in Serbia (commenced two years ago); and Soyuz Agro in Azerbaijan (commenced this winter). It is likely that two companies in Russian will soon also be approved and domestic Russian production of Pink Lady® will commence.

Where prospective Russian clients are already known, we are keen to connect these parties with already approved exporters.  If you have questions about the re-entry of Pink Lady® into Russia or would like to connect us to a Russian client, please reach out directly, or feel free to discuss at Fruit Logistica, Berlin.

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