Alvin’s Analysis: 2019 Southern Hemisphere Season preliminary review

2019 Southern Hemisphere Season (SHS) preliminary review

After a record production and export season in 2018, the 2019 season is shaping up to show a slight decrease of approximately three per cent. With some volumes still to be traded and reconciliations with Europe and United Kingdom yet to be performed, these figures, while directionally correct, are still subject to change.

Having a closer look at trends, increased activity and focus by the PINK LADY® network on new and developing markets has seen a substantial shift into these markets including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Russia. This has taken the pressure off the traditional markets like Europe and United Kingdom, however these established and mature volume markets still account for over 80 per cent of the total volume.

Thanks to the efforts of the Chilean exporters, South America has been another destination for smaller sized fruit and looks set to be an attractive destination to watch.Year on year change southern hemisphere

Year on year change in market destinations indicates growth and opportunities in new markets, and reflects the efforts of the entire network from grower to consumer.

2019-18 SHS markets comparison

New Zealand and South Africa continue to grow in supply both increasing their market share by approximately  two per cent.

2019-18 SHS supply comparison


2019 figures are based on actual volume shipped and therefore subject to shrinkage and changes

Volume based on initial data reported to date and certain regions are still shipping.

Volume for markets can change depending on the mix of countries included/excluded for each market

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