So Much More Than An Apple™

From the tree to the table


The Pink Lady® brand story is bigger than just the apples bought in stores. It is a global story about connection with land and place and about trees that are cared for across multiple decades to bring an offering of good food to millions of people worldwide.

The most important connection of all is human – and being human requires us all as people to care both for the natural world around us and for those we share it with.

The future of growing and supplying good food while taking care of land and place relies heavily on supporting activities that benefit society as well as our industry. The Pink Lady® community understand the importance of this, and you will increasingly see our projects, our innovations, our communication with our consumers and the things we celebrate being driven always by this philosophy. A few examples include:

Pink Lady® brand sponsorship of Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, an annual initiative that educates people on where their food comes from and improving diets and well-being. This competition celebrates food and the cultures it enhances and the beauty it brings to our lives.

Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year 2018 Image Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year 2018 Image Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year 2018 Image

The Pink Lady® Europe team is consistently launching initiatives to prove what is possible as a collective committed to a responsible industry:

  • Constant observation of orchards (use of software for monitoring biological populations and the water needs of the soil as determined by the climate)
  • Maintaining biodiversity and natural balances by keeping grassy fields, creating hedges and building birdhouses in their orchards
  • Giving priority to natural methods of tree protection (using natural predators such as ladybugs to fight aphids and ‘sexual confusion’ to prevent pest insects mating)
  • Keeping all other treatments to a bare minimum to be used only as a last resort and in cases of absolute necessity.

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