World Food Programme’s Storytellers Project

The World Food Programme (WFP) was awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger and to improve conditions for peace in conflict areas. Pink Lady® is associated with the programme through the WFP’s Storytellers Project.

The WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation working towards zero hunger by 2030.  WFP is the first on the scene in an emergency, providing food and other assistance to victims of drought, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, crop failures and pandemics.  At the same time, the programme focuses on sustainable development, promoting long-term change by working on partnership with national governments.

The Storytellers Project began in 2016 as a way of giving a voice to people in dire circumstances who are supported by the WFP. The WFP is then able to use the content generated by the participants to help share their stories.  The WFP provides training for 20-40 participants at a time, showing participants how to take great photographs and videos, and how to distribute socially.  WFP provides them with either a smartphone or camera and also pays for the content the WFP uses.  Currently taking place in seven countries – Jordan, Chad, Guatemala, Uganda and Bangladesh, Djibouti, and Ecuador, the WFP hopes to expand the project this year to Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, West Africa, Colombia and more.

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year includes two categories highlighting the work done by the WFP. The World Food Programme Food for Life, which attracts images that draw attention to the humanitarian aspects of food, anywhere in the world, and the World Food Programme Storytellers Innovation Award. This award is open only to WFP Storytellers participants past and present, giving them the chance to innovate and further develop their photography skills.

Pink Lady will further support the WFP’s Storytellers Project and promote its great work through Pink Lady®’s social channels. The WFP will supply content that can be used, so that all Pink Lady markets can share and highlight the great work of WFP and bring awareness to the brand’s support of the Storytellers Project.

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