Pink Lady® channelled artistic expression at Fruit Attraction in Madrid this October with a 3D art installation created in collaboration with local Seville-based artist Martin Sati.

A wonderful opportunity to strengthen the Pink Lady® brand’s trade relationships and share the brand’s values, commitments and latest news and campaigns, Fruit Attraction brought together more than 90,000 customers from 135 countries at this year’s fair.

In a one-off brand application, Martin Sati’s work, “The Magic of Mother Nature”, was applied to the Pink Lady® stand, with Sati’s original scenography decorating the stand on an XXL canvas. The inspiration for the artwork was to celebrate the Pink Lady® growers in the role of a magician orchestrating a symphony of colours, flavours and natural sensations, allowing nature to play its own melody.

In addition to the head-turning, colourful stand, Fruit Attraction was also a platform for the Pink Lady® team to meet with global partners and hold meetings with European suppliers to showcase opportunities in the SMSP markets.