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Pink Lady® is a brand, grown and sold under licence around the globe. Only apples that meet our strict quality standards can be sold under the Pink Lady® brand name. Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL), owns and manages the intellectual property in the Pink Lady® family of trade marks, which is registered and protected in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

Pink Lady® was developed as a premium apple. In 1973 Australian plant-breeder John Cripps crossed a Golden Delicious with a Lady Williams, creating the Cripps Pink variety from which Pink Lady® branded apples evolved.

Today Pink Lady® is one of the best-known brands of fruit in the world.

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Our purpose



Feed the world with moments of WOW!

The Pink Lady® Brand Purpose guides everything we do.

What our purpose means to our Pink Lady® family

In everything we do, we aim to excel. We look after and respect one another. We help each other to achieve our goals, and in this way Pink Lady® enriches our lives.

What our purpose means to our consumers

We don’t just sell to our customers; we care for them. We aim to understand them a little better every day and provide them with the ultimate brand experience by uplifting and inspiring them with moments of WOW.

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What that means to our global community

We care about access to good food for many across the globe, and care about the decline of the planet’s resources. We will reduce our impact on the planet and do more to make a positive impact. We don’t just talk about caring, we demonstrate it through our actions.

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Pink Lady® family

Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) owns and manages the Pink Lady® brand in numerous territories worldwide and invests in the marketing and development of the Pink Lady® brand internationally.

 A key strength of the Pink Lady® brand is its co-operative international network and the combined international program of licensees and distributors. A cornerstone of the global Pink Lady® business is that licensed exporters can only supply Pink Lady® apples to licensed importers. 

If you are interested in exporting, importing or selling Pink Lady® apples you can apply for a license by contacting us.

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