APAL is doubling down on its investment in North America for the benefit of licensed growers and exporters. Using high quality, well branded and supported Pink Lady imported fruit to establish what ‘good’ looks like, our aim is to increase the value of imported Pink Lady® product.

Strategically, APAL understands North America provides a valuable alternative destination within our network for licensed, high-quality Pink Lady® branded fruit.  

Backed by Marketing & Promotional spend from both PLD and APAL’s established network of licensed importers and in-country service providers, exporters licensed by APAL to sell under the Pink Lady® brand, can enter these markets with confidence and tap into significant trade marketing support.

APAL are also supporting digital promotions in those areas where imported Pink Lady® product will be ranged in-store. These geo-targeted campaigns will include online digital advertising, competitions, giveaways and more.  

“We can set these digital campaigns up in a matter of days,” confirms Craig. “To do so effectively, we just need to understand where imported product is being distributed. We ask this year’s exporters to get in contact with us as soon as possible.”   

Support for growth

The investment follows a successful trip by core members of the APAL team and PVM to meet with various US retailers and importers across North America.  

The team shared examples of successful campaigns in the UK, alongside early wins in Asia and the Gulf States, demonstrating compelling creative, common messaging and innovative in-store activations that are available to those retailers looking to become more involved with the brand.  

“Our key objective is always to help exporters ship more product under the Pink Lady® brand to help them achieve a more profitable sale” says Craig 

Presentations to selected retailers were well received, with most category managers confirming Pink Lady® apples are core to the category’s growth.  

“Pink Lady® apples have maintained their position against a host of new competitor varieties and is still delivering the highest returns,” says Craig.

“The influx of new red varieties over the past few years has fragmented the market and created inefficiencies.”  

Craig reasons: “Consolidation of the category behind great quality apples, with a proven track record for profitable returns is gaining momentum in industry and the North American territory, increasing the potential for Pink Lady.”  

This is confirmed by Nielsen retail sales data which shows Pink Lady of the largest six apples in the US market growing above 30 per cent year-on-year in both volume and value (Nielsen, May 2022).  

“Now is an opportune time for prospective licensed exporters to take advantage of the brand’s strengthening position against competitors in the North American market,” says Craig.   

Confirmed by the recent Emerging Markets Annual Consumer Insights Research, Pink Lady® apples enjoy consumer brand awareness of over 70 per cent. Pink Lady advertising and in-store activations are distinctive within the produce category, and effective at driving valuable brand attribute associations with local consumers, shoring up future returns for licensed partners.  


For retailers and Pink Lady® exporters keen to access budget for trade marketing promotions, sampling and in-store activations, or to take advantage of digital campaigns, please contact Craig Chester – Head of Commercial Development – Emerging Markets & Brands.