Consumer Insights Research Stress Tests Marketing Strategy & Regional Executions


Results from the 5th Annual Emerging Markets Consumer Insights Research confirm Pink Lady® marketing strategy and initiatives have been successful in growing awareness and premium brand positioning across Selective Market Supply Programme (SMSP) markets.


Completed between October – December 2021 via a 10 minute online survey, approximately 6000 responses were gathered across 11 countries: UAE, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Chile, Vietnam, Kenya, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia. The USA and India were also included for the first time.

Aimed at revealing market-specific consumer behaviours and stress testing Pink Lady® brand positioning and messaging, key questions posed by the research include:

  • What is the proportion of apple purchasers who are aware of the Pink Lady® brand?
  • What are the drivers of the category vs. the brand?
  • How does our brand perform on these drivers vs. competitors?
  • What barriers prevent someone from purchasing our brand again?

As in previous years, results feed into Regional Brand Planning activities and while significant differentiation was observed across the various markets, an overall need to address distribution barriers and continue building rationalisation for price premium were broadly consistent.



Regional Marketing Benefits from Global Insights & Experience

The depth and breadth of insights provided through the Research represents a significant investment by the Global Pink Lady® Brand Team and contribute to our success in building the most recognisable brand of apples on the global market.

In addition to assessing the direction of the global marketing strategy, the Research provides regional marketers with invaluable insights on which to localise campaigns that are consistently recognisable, without taking away from the cultural nuance and autonomy essential for ensuring Pink Lady® maximises its potential to engage in local markets.

“Pink Lady is in a great position to use our global reach and sophisticated marketing in developed territories to help drive strong, data-driven regional brand planning,” says APAL’s Head of Commercial Development, Craig Chester.

Craig believes: “Access to these sorts of data driven insights, global marketing strategy and experience are all key benefits of being part of Pink Lady® peer to peer network.”

Detailed consumer insights for specific regions are shared with individual Regional Marketing Managers.  The research agency also presents a high level review of the trends and key differences across all markets to the Global Brand team to inform future strategy direction.

The ability to learn from findings in markets at a similar stage of development is a further benefit of being part of the global Pink Lady® network.